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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Legend by Eric Blehm: An Unedited Look at the "Off the Record" War in Vietnam

There is a reason Chris Kyle didn't like the word Legend attached to his name.  He felt it belonged to the men such as Roy Benavidez.  Blehm has a way of making his heroes part of your family.  Though I received this before it was on newsstands, I wanted a bigger picture of Blehm's work to compare, and thus read Fearless which documented a home state hero for me.
Both are fantastic and will lead you into a world of true engagement with the enemy.

What makes this special is the Vietnam era setting.  There are not as many war biographies from this time period, and very few that deal with the previously classified information regarding these special operations teams who achieved greatness in an area where we were technically not fighting.  You will have a greater understanding for the poor political environment that handcuffed these great warriors and the unknown war they fought to preserve freedom.  It was an unpopular war, but after reading this epic, I feel we achieved far more than most realize, and had we been less politically motivated, could have changed the dynamic in most of Europe and Asia during a time of political upheaval.  
If you like war epics or biographies, this is one of a kind.  I met, by sheer coincidence, a man who flew in one of these units.  His recollections line up perfectly with Blehm's account and detail of these flying tanks that changed the landscape of the war.  Benavidez is a legend, and your kids should learn his name.  May we all learn the selfless courage that drove him to greatness.

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