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I am a father of two amazing boys.  I have served in ministry roles for almost 20 years before transitioning to the areas of education and sports media, though faith is still central to my life.  I maintain multiple blogs and hope to some day have more published work.  I am an avid reader and writer and a self proclaimed sports junkie. Add all of that up and you get the foundation of my business, Varnell Media Resources.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick

I read this book at a time when I was hard pressed, highly motivated, and taking on the biggest challenge of my life. It was a steroid for me. I like people who dance on the edges and are willing to take body blows from the corduroy clad masses of hyper conservatism. Here is the catch. I failed. I failed big. I wasn't able to pull off the giant success I had envisioned. Most would look back on these pages with contempt or anger, feeling misled. I choose to go back to my place on the hillside and ask God to help me dream a better dream. I'm not even sure where the miracle is needed for my next step, but until then, I will continue to think and expect bigger than what I can individually produce. Sun Stand Still is an essential read for those daring to step outside their comfort zones and stereotypes. You will be challenged to not just do more, but be more.
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