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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SoulPrint by Mark Batterson

The timing for this book, for me, was unique. Working on some other projects, and enhancing a skill set for a new ministry venture really stretched the text of the book for me. The initial hook of his story about having a box of memories really hit home. I have one of those boxes. In fact, I just went through it recently during a move. From that vantage point, I filtered the rest of the book.
I have been in ministry for 18 years. Early on, I remember simply reproducing what I saw in the church. Poor communication, overused one liners, and abrasive language was accepted on a weekly basis. However, from a young buck; not so effective. I did my best without a mentor, but I was never me. My identity was gone and in its place was an arrogant persona that was "ministry."
Looking back, I see the freedom that comes from pursuing and operating in your God-given Identity. Batterson brings that to the table. The message of identity is empowering, especially to the new believer.
Batterson brings a unique perspective, because not only is his life unique, but his ministry model is captivating. His words bring added depth when you understand the heart behind them. For too long, we have had generic church services for a generic believer. Mark adds depth and liberty to the experience of following Christ, and brings it from obligation to desire.
A staple of Batterson's publications are the education and research that adds tremendous depth, and Soulprint delivers. Sometimes you catch yourself re-reading to grasp the depth of study behind the statements. Myself, I have already used some of the information when speaking to groups, as has my wife. The text flows well and drips with encouragement. Ill be gleaning more resource material from it in the future.

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